The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) has partnered with ADE Incorporated to create a document management system, named Unum. With three distinct portals – for evaluators, clients, and associates – this system will streamline the evaluation process for Clinical Evaluators and other court ordered assessors.

This program is an online application and can be utilized from anywhere with internet access. The software offers a HIPAA compliant and secure system, making it a safer option for sharing documents rather than using a less secure means such as email or fax.

Unum was created to act as a paperless system for storing documents. Documents such as evaluations can be created in the system, and then shared with clients or associates. When requested, files can be uploaded into a clients file by the client or associates. This system will save evaluators time and money by improving and expediting the reporting process. By having all clients in one system, reporting will be much easier and accurate.

The evaluator portal is the most extensive of the three databases. This portal makes it possible for Clinical Evaluators to keep track of all of their clients in one central database. After the evaluator adds a client or associate, they will be invited to register in the system and gain access to their specific portal. These portals will allow clients or associates to see documents shared with them, respond to document requests, electronically sign Requests of Information and communicate with the evaluator.

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